Data Visualization in Android using Material Design


After being able to record real-time data in Android, I wanted a way to enhance my user experience by making the data visualization come alive. They say the key to creating an app that is central on real-time data (like medical applications) is to make the data the focus.

For the project I worked on with the Air Force (public release pending) I just let the heartrate monitor numeric data display as a beats per minute (or BPM) .

As you begin to explore designing user experiences centered around data, you want to be able to visualize that data as a chart/graph. Let’s face it — one picture can stand in the place of a thousand words. A chart or graph can say so much about data.

While looking for a toolset that made it easy for me to plot data, it wasn’t too hard (MPAndroidChart, GraphView, etc). The only issue was they didn’t really implement a Material Design approach, and that was sort of a let down.

The data viz demo that stood out to me the most was Power Chart by Kingyo. I wanted to try to make my own Material Design based chart design.


Below are stepping stone demos: